Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Fragrances Set to launch

Some people stick to their trusty one fragrance that they have, but i'm a lover of wearing different scents based on my mood or what i'm doing that day.

Whether it's something I need to calm myself down or if I'm feeling extra happy or out on the town with the girls, I always wear something different. So it's know suprise i'm really looking forward to the upcoming fragrance launches this year.

I'm really a lover of the Guerlain products as they are so dainty and fabulous and make you feel great. Their new scent 'Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau', which hit the shelves last week is elegant and classy and would make you feel like a princess. With the smell of roses and vanilla, this one is definitely something that i'd wear on a dinner date with my man. Priced from £37.00, it is available in shops nationwide.

At the end of March, one of my favourite designers, Oscar De La Renta launches his new fragrance 'Live In Love' exclusively in Harrods starting from £39.00. Inspired by passion for life, the scent is a reflection of the woman who lives each day with joy, whose life is filled with beauty and inspiration. This reminds me of my passion for life and persuing my dreams and is something I would wear to work. The musky scent is also in a delicious bottle, which is an excuse to buy it in itself.

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