Friday, 30 April 2010

Right Guard Xtreme story

Ever blamed the fat geezer sitting next to you for a smell that's actually coming from you? Yes we've all been there. And it ain't cool.

To tackle this problem, the big brains at Right Guard have invented a cracking new formula for their new anti-perspirant range to keep your pits odor free for 48 hours. We tested Right Guard Xtreme Silver for the day and the good news is that it works, and smells decent too.

Right Guard Xtreme Silver comes in four masculine fragrances Fresh Blast, Energy Burst, Cool Impact and Pure Adrenaline. And if you're feeling even manlier, start your day with Right Guard Xtreme Fresh shower gel for the ultimate odor free experience. Get it:

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pat Butcher style earrings are IN

As much as I hate Pat Butcher's choice of earrings, i'm really loving big dangly earrings at the moment.

I've never really been a fan of earrings for 2 reasons: one being they look tacky and two they pull on my ears and bloody hurt. However just like my ordeal with shoes, even if they are uncomfortable, i still wear them if they look good. And i'm starting to think they really make a statement on a night out.

Last week I bought a fab pair from Topshop just like these one's Nelly Fertado is rocking....

ENS: A girls worst nightmare

Nipple popping is probably one of my biggest fears on a night out, even more so than a nipple slip. Last week, I couldn't help but stare at this woman's huge boobs and huge nipple erection. Seriously, I mean wear a decent bra and it won't happen. After much criticism of this pretty lady, whose date seemed to be looking at the same things as me, I noticed the other day I had the same problem. I really wasn't impressed and felt like the biggest hypocrite ever.

Since this traumatizing experience i've stocked up on the padded bra's, but I think this hot weather is definitely going to prevent this from happening.

Looks like the lovely Mrs Beckham is having the same problem....

No more Sweaty Betty

Ever blamed the fat, sweaty, bald headed guy sitting next to you for the smell coming from your armpits? Yes we’ve all been there and bought the t-shirt, but smelling like a horses dinner is not cool.

The guys with the big brains at Right Guard have invented a cracking new formula for their new anti-perspirant range to keep your pits odor free for 48 hours.

Our little minds recently found out that sweat in fact is odorless. Having thought this was a load of crap, we challenged Right Guard Xtreme Silver and tested it for the day. We can honesty say we love it! Not only does it work, it smells decent too.

Clever sports scientist and trainer to the stars Professor Greg Whyte established that silver molecules combat sweat at the root for an odur-free and manly fresh armpit.

Right Guard Xtreme Silver comes in four masculine fragrances – Fresh Blast, Energy Burst, Cool Impact and Pure Adrenaline. And if you’re feeling even manlier, start your day with Right Guard Xtreme Fresh shower gel for the ultimate odor free experience.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Corona Fix

I've never really been a fan of beer. Corona is a different story.

Available in 150 countries, Corona is one of the biggest selling beers worldwide. It's quite pale and definitely a beer for us girls. I've been hooked on it for the last few years, especially when the sun's out and you're in a beer garden, it's perfect. Traditionally, it's drunk with a lime, I'm not sure why people do this but I think it makes all the difference.

Let the sunshine continue and have the bottle openers ready!

BBQ Time....Wings and Burgers Please

'The Sun is shining, the weather is sweet' as the late great Bob Marley once sang. How right was he!!!! Its time to get rummaging through your shed's and clean up your bbq, summer is officially here.

I'm currently sitting in my office sweating like crazy, god forbid the air con was working. I keep thinking about my dad and brothers bbq's; Sausages, burgers, wings, ribs and the salad spread my mum makes....YUMMY!!

There is nothing like sitting on the garden furniture in the sun under a parasol with some delicious food. I'll be buying some Nando's extra hot sauce and chilli dip to add the finishing touches to my scrumptious dinner and lets not forget Corona is the cherry on top.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Louboutin Does Barbie As You've Never Seen Her Before

She's the girl who has everything; long golden locks, cellulite free pins, admirers near and far and a career spanning all her lifetime. Though it's not all of the above I am stupidly jealous of.

Master genius shoe designer Christian Louboutin has created his second (in a limited edition) series of Barbie dolls, meaning these dashing dolls get to wear red soles everyday of their fabulous life. With her stunning vibrant red hair and perfect curves, this Barbie is my idol! His newest doll (Safari-inspired) boasts the designer's knee-high fringed boot and follows Cat-Burglar Barbie, created by the designer last year, as the newest dolls on the block.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Making A Statement: Red Lips

Watch out!!! Red lipstick is making a huge comeback in the sexy glam game we love to call, style.
Red Lipstick is the Louis Vuitton of Handbags, the Christian Louboutin of shoes, and it's definitely something to carry in your Chanel 2.55 if you want to sex up any occasion.

My amazingly beautiful friend Ellie has a love affair with red lips and since seeing her wear it so much I have fallen back in love with the once rejected product. My MAC has now been promoted to the Premiership as I say goodbye to the relegated nude colours for the summer month. It has been in the spotlight in recent months, everywhere from catwalks to high street, lighting up shows including Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Emporio Armani and Alexander McQueen.

Note: The rules for matching a red to your skin tone: cool bluey reds should be worn by paler skin tones and warm orangey reds work better with olive-tanned skins.

Work Experience Is The Way Forward

Know one in there right remind wants to work 9-6 for free every day. I've had my fair share of work experience over the last year, mucking in and doing the jobs know one else wants to do, but you have to start somewhere.

It may have taken me a year to find a job since graduating, but i've learnt that good things definitely come to those who wait. Hard graft, dedication and my willingness to put in the hours has landed me my dream job. After being appointed as the new Editorial Assistant at FHM Magazine, I'm reaping the benefits of working for such an amazing organisation and having the pleasure of looking a naked women and 'all things men' everyday.

Since my graduation last year, i have Interned at Zoo, OK!, Glamour, FHM, and the Daily Express to name a few. My bulging contact list is a credit to my efforts of putting myself out there. You can also do it to! I would recommend doing as much work experience as you possibly can and make contacts with as many people as possible. It's the only reason I have this job, and remember it's all about WHO you know not WHAT you know.

Friday, 9 April 2010

FASHION POLICE.....Louboutin Flats Are A No No

Having taken sky scraper heels to a whole new level, the usually amazing Christian Louboutin has launched a collection of summer flats which really arn't hitting my spot. Steve Gerrard's missus Alex Curran has been pictured wearing them and I'm really not impressed.

The odly-shaped shoe comprises a leather upper with studs all over. Perfect for kicking if your boyfriend drives you mad, but really doesn't serve ay other purpose I'm afraid. You definitely wont be the envy of your mates!!

I don't know what all the fuss is about...someone try and explain!

If You Like It....DONT Put A Ring On IT!!!

Marriage is defined as a "social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship". However, the commitment in a relationship that you give to someone you love has been taken to a whole new level by celebrities. It's like every time you pick up a glossy weekly someone has split up with someone else, cheated or are getting divorced.

People need to get over themselves and work out the issues they have with themselves before committing their life to another person. Marriage is just thrown about with many opting to fly to Vegas and tie the knot for fun or do it whilst they're drunk on holiday.

In the Daily Mail today I read that Patsy Kensit is planning on separating from husband number four, multi-millionaire musician DJ Jeremy Healy, 48. At 42, she will have been divorced four times! Apparently last year she said: "I know in my heart that this is it. It's taken me all these years to be in a good relationship and to be someone's partner.'

Other famous husband hoppers include Liza Minnelli and Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who have been married and divorced four and eight times respectively.

What ever happened to the Nuclear family and having one partner for life? Todays society devalues monogamy and promotes promiscuity!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lunchtime Munchies

After hearing my stomach rumble for the past two hours, I think it's time to get some grub.
You would think a good Jewish girl would contemplate Falafal or Pita and Houmous for lunch, but I'm going to stick to my gut and buy my favourite sandwich, a good old BLT.
My grandma is probably going to kill me if she see's this, but you can't beat the crunch of crispy bacon rashers on a bed of lettuce with tomato on wholemeal bread...yummy!

Off to Marks and Sparks it is!

Perfect Tan In An Instant!

The sun is shining, roofs are coming off cars and skin is being shown. Think it's time to whip of the tights and get the pins out ready for some summer lovin'. I dread the moment I attempt to put on a dress with pasty legs, know one lights to be pale, end of! Rimmel Sun Shimmer is my favourite beauty product of all time. It has the ability to give you an instant, radiant glow that takes a matter of minutes to put on and washes off the next day.

Forget smelly fake tan and a tangoed face, this product is a must have accessory for any party girl and is a snippet at just £5.99.

WARNING: Prepare to be the enemy of all men and stain's on the bed sheets haha

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tingling Lips The Carmex Way

Chapped, crusty lips are not a good look......period!! As soon as the weather changes my lips tend to chap straight away. Carmex is actually a god!

Forget Vaseline, the real lip therapy is in an even smaller pot and comes in a range of tubs, tubes and gels in a variety of flavours. Not only does it make your lips tingle, it gets ride of any flaky skin and prevents cracking in even the coldest of weather.

Belle Of The Beach

Trying to be sexy on a beach without slapping on a full face of make-up is the ultimate desire for every woman on holiday!
Beach bunny have made it easy to embrace your curves and sex up your beach act with their range of itsy bitsy, custom bikini's.

It may burn a hole in your wallet but I can assure you it's well worth splashing the cash, with prices starting from $200 for a single bikini set. They also sell a range of towels, sandals and bags for the most glamorous beach experience.

Check out their 'Tart Noir' collection if you want to raise a few heart rates and you can guarantee a scorching summer.