Monday, 12 April 2010

Work Experience Is The Way Forward

Know one in there right remind wants to work 9-6 for free every day. I've had my fair share of work experience over the last year, mucking in and doing the jobs know one else wants to do, but you have to start somewhere.

It may have taken me a year to find a job since graduating, but i've learnt that good things definitely come to those who wait. Hard graft, dedication and my willingness to put in the hours has landed me my dream job. After being appointed as the new Editorial Assistant at FHM Magazine, I'm reaping the benefits of working for such an amazing organisation and having the pleasure of looking a naked women and 'all things men' everyday.

Since my graduation last year, i have Interned at Zoo, OK!, Glamour, FHM, and the Daily Express to name a few. My bulging contact list is a credit to my efforts of putting myself out there. You can also do it to! I would recommend doing as much work experience as you possibly can and make contacts with as many people as possible. It's the only reason I have this job, and remember it's all about WHO you know not WHAT you know.

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