Wednesday, 28 April 2010

No more Sweaty Betty

Ever blamed the fat, sweaty, bald headed guy sitting next to you for the smell coming from your armpits? Yes we’ve all been there and bought the t-shirt, but smelling like a horses dinner is not cool.

The guys with the big brains at Right Guard have invented a cracking new formula for their new anti-perspirant range to keep your pits odor free for 48 hours.

Our little minds recently found out that sweat in fact is odorless. Having thought this was a load of crap, we challenged Right Guard Xtreme Silver and tested it for the day. We can honesty say we love it! Not only does it work, it smells decent too.

Clever sports scientist and trainer to the stars Professor Greg Whyte established that silver molecules combat sweat at the root for an odur-free and manly fresh armpit.

Right Guard Xtreme Silver comes in four masculine fragrances – Fresh Blast, Energy Burst, Cool Impact and Pure Adrenaline. And if you’re feeling even manlier, start your day with Right Guard Xtreme Fresh shower gel for the ultimate odor free experience.

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