Monday, 12 April 2010

Making A Statement: Red Lips

Watch out!!! Red lipstick is making a huge comeback in the sexy glam game we love to call, style.
Red Lipstick is the Louis Vuitton of Handbags, the Christian Louboutin of shoes, and it's definitely something to carry in your Chanel 2.55 if you want to sex up any occasion.

My amazingly beautiful friend Ellie has a love affair with red lips and since seeing her wear it so much I have fallen back in love with the once rejected product. My MAC has now been promoted to the Premiership as I say goodbye to the relegated nude colours for the summer month. It has been in the spotlight in recent months, everywhere from catwalks to high street, lighting up shows including Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Emporio Armani and Alexander McQueen.

Note: The rules for matching a red to your skin tone: cool bluey reds should be worn by paler skin tones and warm orangey reds work better with olive-tanned skins.

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