Thursday, 27 May 2010

50 Cent:Half the man he used to be...literally

Muscles, check, Bling, check, Platinum selling rapper, check, Hot chicks, check......Our boy Fiddy has got everything.

But the controversial rapper is a shadow of his former self after dropping 54lbs in weight to star in new movie "Things Fall Apart" where 50, real name Curtis jackson, plays a star football player facing diagnosed with Cancer while in his final year of college.

Shocking, I know......Apparently 50 went on a liquid diet and walked on a treadmill three hours a day for nine weeks in order to play the star role, though i'm hoping he'll beef up ASAP. The Queens born rapper also has a string of films out this year including "Twelve", "Jekyll and Hyde", "Morning Glory" and "Gun"

The rapper told American Mag Us Weekly " I was starving." Well i'll gladly cook him a fat roast at mine if he wants feeding!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fabolous...Access All Areas

There's VIP and there's VIP, and on Sunday night I was definitely VIP.

It was 9pm and my friends were running later as per usual getting to the Fabolous concert at the O2, Greenwich. The concert was put together by my friend Sarah's boyfriend who managed to hook us us with complimentary tickets for the gig.
This was something I'd been looking forward to for ages, not just because I love Fabo, but because I knew there would be a million hot guys there too.

Sarah's phone rings: "Hello." " Sarah can you pick up some drink for Fabolous on your way up here, we've forgot to get him some." So off the girls went to buy bottles of Moet and Brandy to keep Mr Fabolous happy in his dressing room. As we arrived backstage (after about 20 minutes of speaking to security and stewards) we walked straight through into the dressing rooms and had our own little nose about backstage with the support acts. It felt weird but was really cool.

After we made it to our seats the concert kicked off, the hotties were in force and I was singing my heart out. "breathe then you gotta.....breathe." It was a good night and Sarah proper hooked us up! Love it!

There's only one way to do a concert baby and that's VIP styley!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Sexy Summer Strappy's

A new season means a new wardrobe. Yes it is pricey but who cares. One must accept that the credit card needs to be swiped in cases such as these, and believe me you can never have too many shoes, I should know.

Everybody know I love CL shoes, but I found these Kurt Geiger puppies last week that were just as nice and for a snippet of the price, but hurry up because they're in the sale at £60 reduced from £160.

So unless you've got a black AMEX card or are willing to pay £630 for summer sandals, these are definitely a bargain buy.

The Day I Made My TV Debut

So the biggest game in Fulham Football Clubs history had finally arrived; we were within touching distance of the second biggest trophy in Europe.

It was 5.30am and we made our way to London Gatwick South Terminal for our flight to Hamburg, Germany. After beeping through the body scanner as usual at the airport, we made our first stop at the Bacardi counter for 8.30am Mojitos, followed by Baileys shots.......the perfect start to a pre-match day.

We boarded our Boeing 737 to Hamburg and after an hour and 40 minute delay we took off and finally arrived safely in Germany. It's the first time I'd ever been to Germany and I actually quite liked it, even though we saw some awful parts of Hamburg. After boarding our coach, we arrived at the Reeperbaum where Uefa had set up fan-zones for the Fulham and Athletico Madrid fans. I only have one word to describe this....AMAZING. 30,000 fans singing and chanting, drinking beer and falling all over the place, I absolutely loved it. We then went on to join in and buy our memorabilia for the big game (which cost us and arm and a leg) and then off to eat a Hamburger in Hamburg, as one does.

Kick off was looming and we had got to our seats. The atmosphere was picking up and the pre-match banter was well and truly in its prime. The Italian official blew his whistle and we were ready to rock and roll. Diego Forlan got Madrid underway with a great goal after 25 minutes and I was starting to get the jitters. Then just after the half hour mark Wales legend Simon Davies scored an absolute screamer to put us back in the game. At half time I started to get really emotional, knowing that Fulham were 45 minutes away from making unbelievable history and doing England proud, whatever team you supported.

The second half commenced and after a goaless second half the game moved into extra time. Both teams had a few chances but it wasn't until the 116th minute, with four precious minutes to go that Forlan decided to break the hearts of 15,000 Fulham travelers, including myself. Absolutely devastated, I broke down in tears only to be comforted by my dad and a handkerchief.

The ref blew the whistle and I checked my phone to call my brother. Next thing I knew, I had hundreds of texts to say Channel 5 had shown me on TV crying just after Lily Allen. I was gob-smacked and gutted, mascara running down my face, looking like crap and I was on TV in front of 10 million viewers...great!

After arriving home safely the following morning (oh yeah, we had a nice long delay at the airport coming back), I reflected on the day. The fact we'd spent all this time and effort coming here and the achievement Fulham made. I thanked my dad for the best day and it got me thinking......My dad's the best man in the world! He takes me shopping, buys me things and loves listening to all the exciting news going on in my life, but I've never spent the whole day with him just to myself and have a few beers in such an exciting atmosphere. It's secretly what I was most looking forward to doing the most and I found a bond with my dad that I'd never had before and will remember forever.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The best invention since Louboutin shoes....Fat Blasting Pants

The tops are getting tighter and the hems on our skirts are getting shorter.......yes summer is officially here.
Women plagued by unsightly cellulite will do just about anything to get rid of it, but many of us just don't have the time to workout and call dieting eating one creme egg instead of two.

Behold.....Peachy Pink cellulite pants. The figure fixing pants are officially the biggest new craze.
This revolutionary shapewear has been proven to reduce cellulite in just 21 days, and you can lose 1-3 inches instantly! It stimulates the skin and massages the active ingredients of peaches (to moisturise), green tea (as an antioxidant) and coffee beans (to eliminate excess water) into the problem areas of the body.

Available in a pant shape £25, a high waisted pant £30 and also a legging £38 in both Black and nude - there’s a style that can be sneakily slipped under any party dress this season.

Lunchtime Soup fix

With summer getting nearer and nearer the thought of cellulite and flab by the pool freaks the hell out of me.

Body blitzing is at the top of my 'things to do' list and it's starting from today. Miso Soup is not only yummy but very healthy so i'll be having it for lunch every day this week (unless i'm super hungry). It's contains Tofu (protein), Wakame (seaweed) and Scallion (a type of spring onion) and requires no effort to make, except pouring hot water from the kettle, which suits me brilliant when i'm in a lazy mood in the office. the sachet into a small bowl, pour in the hot water, stir and vwala....your soup is made :)

The Most Exciting Day Of My Life

Okay, so some may say I'm a fake Fulham fan (I support Arsenal), but having had a season ticket at Craven Cottage for 13 years I think I qualify as a fully fledged fan. Arsenal have been utter crap this year and to be honest i've had way more fun watching the games down in SW6 than i have at the Emirates.

Now on to the bit why I'm so excited....for many of you that don't no (particularly girls), Fulham are playing in the Europa League FInal tomorrow night in Hamburg against the mighty Spanish giants Athletico Madrid. It's my first major game and Fulham's biggest and most successful spell in their history. I mean little old Fulham who I once watched play against Leigh RMI in the old Division 3 and then Rushden & Diamonds in the cup have beaten Roma, former champions Shakthar Doneskt, Juventus, Hamburg and Wolfsburg and I can't actually believe it.

Roy Hodgson has been without a shadow of a doubt the biggest success as a manager at Fulham, keeping them in the Premier League last year and transforming them into a top tier side. His biggest reward would surely be lifting this huge trophy.

I wonder what the odds were at the beginning of the season for Fulham to be the last English team left in a European Competition. First Chelsea, then Arsenal, then Man United went out of the Champions League, then Liverpool went out of the Europa League at the Semi's and we've finally reached the final, wish i'd of put 50 quid on that.

Anyway i've got the face paint out, the Corona chilled in the fridge and my shirt ready on my bed, all that's left to say is COME ON YOU WHITES

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Clogs: The good, the bad and the ugly

Every time i read a new issue of Look magazine or if i'm really pushing the boat, Vogue, i think to myself ho the hell some trends become so big.

The majority of the time i think "jesus christ" . Thus it is with clogs, which no lesser authorities than Louis Vuitton and Chanel – a plague on both their houses – have earmarked as spring/summer 2010’s next big thing.

I'm finding it hard to bring myself to love the new clog obsession, however it is starting to grow on me. This is not one of those vogues where one demurs for several seasons before succumbing, as in my late-flowering acceptance of over the knee boots. It is simply that clogs are, without question, really ugly, noisy and clumpy. One might call them the work of the devil, only the devil would be sartorially savvy enough to sport Louboutin spikes.

Yet even by the clog’s high standard of hideousness, fashion’s latest incarnations are dire. Chanel has concocted a studded, red platform, adorned with its trademark camellia (hark the sound of Coco Chanel elegantly revolving in her grave). Vuitton’s version is even more grotesque: a tasselled, brown loafer clog with an ineptly positioned heel and repellent “decorative” ponytail. And this in a recession when we are supposed to be investing in classics. However, i have managed to find a pair i really like,and at a measly £33.99 even Pixie Lott loves them. Yes our beloved English rose has been pictured in these clogs from website Yogoego on a number of occasions, and if they're okay for Pixie, they're okay for me.

If your lucky enough to have a rich other half or daddy then i'd swipe the credit card on these bad boys from Gucci priced at £365...happy clogging!

Maxi is the new Mini

Say goodbye to the mini and hello to maxi, as long dresses become the 'in' trend for SS10.
Thought you knew the maxi dress? Think again! They've been on the shop floor for a while now, and after such success over the last few years, they're back again and here for the long-haul.

The 2010 styles offer a wider selection of fits, fabrics and floatiness than ever before. and with tribal, candy colours andfloral numbers becoming a big hit, there a dresses for woman of all ages.

ASOS have a pretty good selection of maxi's for anyone keen to grab a bargain....

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Traffic lights??? Oh wait thats my new hair!!

Usually seeing red is not good thing. Red traffic lights, red minus signs when you over the bank money and currently Arsenal (they are playing so crap at the moment it's embarrassing). However i've found a new way to make red a good, happy Red hair.

Last weekend i dyed my hair red. Its the only colour i've actually never been. I've been blonde (all shades from white to yellow), light brown, dark brown and even black, but never red. I fancied a change in my life, a new me if you want to call it that. Now i'm settled at work, its time to be 'Jemma the hardworking journalist' as opposed to 'Jemma the ace of spades drinking, Mayfair loving party girl'. That part of me will never die, but i dont have the energy to party any more.

Anyways back to the hair, I'm really loving the new bright haired me, it's way more fun, the attention is really nice and i feel more confident. As summer beckons i cant wait to show off the new hair on exciting.