Thursday, 6 May 2010

Clogs: The good, the bad and the ugly

Every time i read a new issue of Look magazine or if i'm really pushing the boat, Vogue, i think to myself ho the hell some trends become so big.

The majority of the time i think "jesus christ" . Thus it is with clogs, which no lesser authorities than Louis Vuitton and Chanel – a plague on both their houses – have earmarked as spring/summer 2010’s next big thing.

I'm finding it hard to bring myself to love the new clog obsession, however it is starting to grow on me. This is not one of those vogues where one demurs for several seasons before succumbing, as in my late-flowering acceptance of over the knee boots. It is simply that clogs are, without question, really ugly, noisy and clumpy. One might call them the work of the devil, only the devil would be sartorially savvy enough to sport Louboutin spikes.

Yet even by the clog’s high standard of hideousness, fashion’s latest incarnations are dire. Chanel has concocted a studded, red platform, adorned with its trademark camellia (hark the sound of Coco Chanel elegantly revolving in her grave). Vuitton’s version is even more grotesque: a tasselled, brown loafer clog with an ineptly positioned heel and repellent “decorative” ponytail. And this in a recession when we are supposed to be investing in classics. However, i have managed to find a pair i really like,and at a measly £33.99 even Pixie Lott loves them. Yes our beloved English rose has been pictured in these clogs from website Yogoego on a number of occasions, and if they're okay for Pixie, they're okay for me.

If your lucky enough to have a rich other half or daddy then i'd swipe the credit card on these bad boys from Gucci priced at £365...happy clogging!

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