Thursday, 27 May 2010

50 Cent:Half the man he used to be...literally

Muscles, check, Bling, check, Platinum selling rapper, check, Hot chicks, check......Our boy Fiddy has got everything.

But the controversial rapper is a shadow of his former self after dropping 54lbs in weight to star in new movie "Things Fall Apart" where 50, real name Curtis jackson, plays a star football player facing diagnosed with Cancer while in his final year of college.

Shocking, I know......Apparently 50 went on a liquid diet and walked on a treadmill three hours a day for nine weeks in order to play the star role, though i'm hoping he'll beef up ASAP. The Queens born rapper also has a string of films out this year including "Twelve", "Jekyll and Hyde", "Morning Glory" and "Gun"

The rapper told American Mag Us Weekly " I was starving." Well i'll gladly cook him a fat roast at mine if he wants feeding!

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