Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Traffic lights??? Oh wait thats my new hair!!

Usually seeing red is not good thing. Red traffic lights, red minus signs when you over the bank money and currently Arsenal (they are playing so crap at the moment it's embarrassing). However i've found a new way to make red a good, happy thing.....my Red hair.

Last weekend i dyed my hair red. Its the only colour i've actually never been. I've been blonde (all shades from white to yellow), light brown, dark brown and even black, but never red. I fancied a change in my life, a new me if you want to call it that. Now i'm settled at work, its time to be 'Jemma the hardworking journalist' as opposed to 'Jemma the ace of spades drinking, Mayfair loving party girl'. That part of me will never die, but i dont have the energy to party any more.

Anyways back to the hair, I'm really loving the new bright haired me, it's way more fun, the attention is really nice and i feel more confident. As summer beckons i cant wait to show off the new hair on holiday....how exciting.

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