Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fabolous...Access All Areas

There's VIP and there's VIP, and on Sunday night I was definitely VIP.

It was 9pm and my friends were running later as per usual getting to the Fabolous concert at the O2, Greenwich. The concert was put together by my friend Sarah's boyfriend who managed to hook us us with complimentary tickets for the gig.
This was something I'd been looking forward to for ages, not just because I love Fabo, but because I knew there would be a million hot guys there too.

Sarah's phone rings: "Hello." " Sarah can you pick up some drink for Fabolous on your way up here, we've forgot to get him some." So off the girls went to buy bottles of Moet and Brandy to keep Mr Fabolous happy in his dressing room. As we arrived backstage (after about 20 minutes of speaking to security and stewards) we walked straight through into the dressing rooms and had our own little nose about backstage with the support acts. It felt weird but was really cool.

After we made it to our seats the concert kicked off, the hotties were in force and I was singing my heart out. "breathe then you gotta.....breathe." It was a good night and Sarah proper hooked us up! Love it!

There's only one way to do a concert baby and that's VIP styley!

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