Friday, 9 April 2010

If You Like It....DONT Put A Ring On IT!!!

Marriage is defined as a "social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship". However, the commitment in a relationship that you give to someone you love has been taken to a whole new level by celebrities. It's like every time you pick up a glossy weekly someone has split up with someone else, cheated or are getting divorced.

People need to get over themselves and work out the issues they have with themselves before committing their life to another person. Marriage is just thrown about with many opting to fly to Vegas and tie the knot for fun or do it whilst they're drunk on holiday.

In the Daily Mail today I read that Patsy Kensit is planning on separating from husband number four, multi-millionaire musician DJ Jeremy Healy, 48. At 42, she will have been divorced four times! Apparently last year she said: "I know in my heart that this is it. It's taken me all these years to be in a good relationship and to be someone's partner.'

Other famous husband hoppers include Liza Minnelli and Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who have been married and divorced four and eight times respectively.

What ever happened to the Nuclear family and having one partner for life? Todays society devalues monogamy and promotes promiscuity!

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