Saturday, 20 February 2010

Everyone cheats!!!!! Dont be a door mat though

If I read one more story about John Terry I'm going to scream. The fact that the British press need to put the former England Captain on the front page for having an affair with another woman (who happened to be his ex team mate from Chelsea's missus) is just pathetic. People have affairs all the time, its just ludacris. What makes me laugh the most is the fact that everyone has been going on about how sorry they feel for his wife, and she's taken him back still. Why feel sorry for her, she married him knowing he had cheated on her a number of times before, so she knew what she was entering before she said 'I Do'.

Why Fabio Cappello felt it was in the interst of the public to sack him as England Captain has baffled me. Who gives a toss what he has done in his spare time. He's our best defender and someone who the team look up to. Big mistake as far as i'm concerned, it's not like Rio Ferdinand is an angel either.


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