Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My Next Pair of Red Soles......

Christian Louboutin is a genius, wait.....he is a GOD!!! If your lucky enough to own a pair of deliciously beautiful red soles like me, then you will understand exactly what I'm talking about!

Since my brother bought me my first pair of CL shoes last year, they have been my prized possession in my already huge shoe wardrobe. For £540, you would think they would be comfortable, but it seems the more expensive the shoe, the more they hurt, but hey, as long as they look good, no amount of pain is going to stop me wearing them!

Last week I saw these amazing new 'Frutti Frutti' Louboutins in a magazine and I fell in love instantly. Made with soft Python and flower lace and featuring the Louboutin signiture killer heel, these are my must have's for the summer. I'm trying to justify the ginormous £1000+ price tag but, they really are one of the most stunning pairs of shoes to catch my eye.

Guess I better start saving...........

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