Wednesday, 17 March 2010

On ya Bike???? That's fashion For you

Nothing shocks me in the fashion industry anymore! From Alexender McQueen's Lady GaGaesque shoes to the weird Chanel transfer tattoo's that hit the runway this season, fashion is all about making a statement!

Not just for Lance Armstrong wannabes, cycling shorts have become that latest hit on the runway. After Chanel's 2010/2011 Spring/Summer collection hit Paris fashion week with their models sporting the one-time cyclist only gear, celebrities came in their crowds to get the hottest look for this year.
Alexa Chung, most notably sported a pair of lace edged cycling shorts over spotted tights...hmmm! Not sure about that, but if your looking to copy the latest trends, H&M do a similar pair for a bargain busting £2.99.

SO whether your hitting the gym or hitting the town, nothing says statement more than the hottest cycling shorts!

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